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Meet the Product Managers!

Meet the Product Managers!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Equinix Community,

I'm Jantzen Belliston, Sr Manager at Equinix. Today, we're opening a new chapter in our commitment to fostering transparency and community by introducing you to the incredible individuals behind our innovative products.

The essence of Equinix has always been a blend of technology and community. We understand that the pulse of any tech-driven organization is its products, and behind those products, there's a team of dedicated, passionate individuals: our Product Managers. This thread offers a unique opportunity for our customers to get to know these dedicated professionals on a personal level.

Our product team is thrilled to be a part of this platform, as it offers us a direct channel to engage, share, and grow with all of you. We see the Equinix Community not just as a space for interactions, but as a bridge to understand your needs, address your questions, and co-create the future.

Here’s what to anticipate:

  1. Personal Introductions: Our Product Managers from various domains will be stepping forward to share about themselves, their roles, and the inspirations behind the products they steer.
  2. Behind-the-Scenes Stories: Insights into the ideation, challenges, and milestones of our product journeys – straight from those who live and breathe them.
  3. Open Dialogue: We're building a two-way street. Engage directly with our product teams, share your feedback, or ask anything you've ever wondered about our offerings.
  4. Sharing Expertise: Expect enlightening discussions, from technological deep dives to evolving market trends, all from the experts behind our product lineup.

I invite our vibrant community to dive into these conversations, ask questions, and truly get to know the people who shape the products and services you trust.


Warm regards,

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Equinix Product Manager

Hey community! I'm Josh Sordelet, and I oversee Physical Interconnection Products. One of the most inspiring parts of being a PM for me is bringing cross-functional Teams together to achieve mutual goals. I also enjoy speaking directly with our customers to better understand their needs so we can better evolve our Products to meet those needs. Fun fact: when I'm not collaborating to find innovative solutions, I'm usually outdoors somewhere...


Equinix Product Manager

Hey community! I'm Rupinder Randhawa, and I oversee Equinix Internet Access. One of the most inspiring parts of being a PM for me is being able to solve real customer problems, then see that new idea actually being used in real life. Fun fact: when I'm not obsessing over product roadmaps, I'm trying to improve my golf game in the summer and skiing in the winter.

R Randhawa

Equinix Product Manager

Hi Equinix Community! I'm Dawn Howell, Director of Product management for the Equinix Fabric product. I've been with Equinix for over six years now supporting Fabric in it's various phases. Fabric is a key component of our interconnection strategy and one of the most rewarding parts of my job is working with customers to understand their business requirements and use cases, then working with the development teams to deliver features that meet the needs of our customers. We love to hear from our customers so feel free to reach out here with questions/comments!!!

Equinix Employee

Hello all! Pleasure to meet many of you for the first time, and some I have seen in the comments sections around here - Welcome 😁

My name is Tom McLaughlin, I am a Product Manager working on Interconnection and Observability here at Equinix. I've been here just over 2 years and it's been a blast. I never get tired of seeing teams come together to deliver new capabilities - there's something magical about that!

When I am not working, I like to write software, go to concerts, and do yoga.

Equinix Product Manager

Good day to all in the Equinix Community!  I am grateful for this platform that brings us together!  I am keenly interested to know your needs relative to Physical Interconnection.  As a leader in this Interconnection space, simplifying consumption of Physical Cross Connects is my passion!  I realize that when we simplify, Equinix accelerates customer-focused leadership in the market!  Perhaps we have already met and engaged when I piloted automating physical cross connects.  Please reach out and let me know how I can infuse your requirements into the Physical Cross Connect roadmap.  Until then, expect to see continued customer-centered value creation in what I deliver to the Physical Interconnection market!   Please reach out here and know that I will always listen and respond to your Physical Cross Connect needs!  

Best regards, Desiree

Equinix Product Manager

Hey Equinix Community!  I'm a product manager working in the colocation arena responsible for a broad range of power and cooling solutions.  It's an exciting time, and I love talking to customers about how they are gearing up for increasing power density, new trends in cooling and sustainability.  Reach out through the community I'd love to hear what you're thinking.

Equinix Product Manager

Hello Equinix Community! I am product manager working in the colocation portfolio specifically on Secure Cabinet Express along with other cool technologies from the marketing front. I enjoy engaging in conversation about customer experience, getting feedback to shape our products for the future and solving customer pain points. 

Please reach out here for your Express cabinet needs. 

Equinix Product Manager

Hi Equinix Community! I’m Amelia Chantarotwong, product manager for incubative software integrations overlying the Equinix APIs. You can peruse and try these via Equinix Labs on GitHub, as well as using anything marked “experimental” on the Equinix GitHub. You can also see a subset of these described on Your usage of and feedback on these integrations informs us what the Developer Community needs most! So please open issues when you find something that needs maintenance or send us items missing from various tool providers that would be valuable to you. We also invite you to post new threads in on what you’re running into or to share how you are using the tools.

Your voice is incredibly important to shape the long term developer experience at Equinix!