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Resolved! API service accounts for Fabric API?

Currently I'm using the API token associated with my personal login to Equinix for the Fabric API. What's the best way to make an API token for a service sharable by a group of people at my company? Should I just make an Equinix login like first name...

Resolved! Pagination for fabric connections search?

I'm writing a script to see how oversubscribed my fabric ports are, by totaling the bandwidth of connections on each port. I'm having trouble with the pagination, no matter what I set for offset and limit in the query parameters, it always seems to c...

Get connection stats returns 500 internal server error

Using the GET /fabric/v4/connections/{uuid}/stats API call, i now get a 500 internal server error with the following message: [ { "errorCode": "EQ-3033010", "errorMessage": "Internal server error.", "details": "Please check the request payload and su...

Resolved! API v4, Microsoft Azure using connections vs. connections/bulk

Hello Equinix,I have a question regarding the creation of a new, redundant connection to Azure with API v4. From "Guide to v3-to-v4 APIs Migration" I see that I should use the connections/bulk endpoint. In the Knowledge Center for "Connect to Microso...

New Fabric APIs expand usablity

Connect Using Service Token - Equinix APIs use OAuth 2.0 protocol to authenticate the requests you make to API endpoints. In order to interact with Equinix APIs, you need a bearer acess token. Bearer determines the type of authentication scheme and i...

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AWS validation fails - Azure validation works

I am able to successfully create a connection to "AWS Direct Connect" via the APIs. However, the docs recommends in step 5: 5. Validate your AWS Account ID Use the Validate Connection Authorization Key API request to verify that your AWS Account ID c...

[sandbox] Create service profile and L2 connection

Hello,I would like to create a L2 connection in the sandbox but I'm having some problems. I can get a list of ports but I can't get a service profile using GET /fabric/v4/serviceProfiles. When I try to create a service profile I get the message "PEND...

Resolved! Fabric API generate token using client_credentials

I am trying to generate token using this method but in Postman: Access Token using grant_type = client_credentials (Recommended). POST 'https://api.equinix.com/oauth2/v1/token' -H "content-type: application/json" -d '{ "grant_type": "client_credentia...