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Error 503 Shipments v1 Pending Storage

Recently I have been having issues with the Shipments v1 endpoint for pending storage (https://api.equinix.com/v1/orders/shipment/pendingStorage), receiving 503 service unavailable.Searching the catalog, there is no 503 defined so not entirely sure w...

ccigas by Level 1
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Issue creating work visit API

Hi,i have used the API to create a work visit order and the http response is success. 201 with order number in header.However, we are receiving calls from the service desk that the ticket information is not accurate. Like the IBX , cage & cabinet inf...

ECP (EQX Customer Portal) APIs

Is anyone out there using the ECP APIs?I am specifically interested in whether anyone has built spokes to workflows in applications such as Salesforce or Servicenow and any advice you can share on pitfalls to avoid.

Issue creating Work visit Request

Helo,We are trying to automate creating work visit requests in Equinox portal using rest API's.Following the documentation , i was able to generate client creds etc and use to generate bearer token.when i used the same to submit a work visit request,...

CROSS_CONNECT_Z_SIDE incorrect Final A-side System Name

How can we get the correct Final A-Side System Name using the API as displayed in the Install Base Download for Metro-connects or inter-IBX cross-connects? This is what we see when getting the asset details with the API https://api.equinix.com/v1/ass...

500 Error with sandbox Users v2

Hello, I have been attempting to mess with the sandbox and create.The two things I have done (using Postman) are get a token and create a user. I have been putting the Bearer Token in Auth and receive this, with a 500 error: [ { "errorCode": "EQ-2021...

EQ-2016010 Error With Outbound Shipments

I am passing JSON for ordering outbound shipments. The JSON is below but its pretty much that same as my inbound JSON which is fine. The issue I am getting with the outbound order is that I am getting this error: b'[{"errorCode":"EQ-2016010","errorMe...

Shipping API v2 list issue

Hi, I am using the API to open inbound orders and I received a call today that the Shipping team cannot scan the tracking numbers and associate them to a ticket. It looks like the API is putting the tracking number string into a list instead of a str...