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What is the cost structure for Network Edge?

What is the cost structure for Network Edge?

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What is the cost structure for Network Edge?

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Network Edge includes the following priced elements. Each invoice will include these items:

  • Network Edge Instance (required) – Monthly recurring charge (MRC) (and possibly non-recurring charge (NRC)) dependent upon the device you are deploying and its resource requirements, ranging from small to extra-large.
  • Edge Device License – A Network Edge device will always be listed on your invoice. There will only be a charge for the Edge Device License if you have a subscription license that Equinix is managing on your behalf (Sub). This is required if you do not provide your own license from the vendor.

Depending on what the virtual device is connected to, additional charges will apply from the other Interconnection products used.

For example, a connection from your virtual device to AWS through the cloud exchange would incur normal pricing for the Equinix Fabric. The Equinix pricing guide has further details.

A complete solution could include:

  • A Network Edge Instance to house devices and services
  • A Juniper vSRX Firewall subscription license
  • An Equinix Fabric Connection to AWS
  • An Equinix Fabric Connection to Microsoft
Invoice Item Description

Network Edge Instance

The virtual equivalent of the cabinet you'd lease inside a Data Center. It provides the compute, storage, virtual port, internet access, and IP addressing needed to get started.

Network Edge Device: License

This item is on the invoice, but is only charged if Equinix provides the license (aka Subscription).

Network Edge Instance – Additional Bandwidth

This item displays if you need more bandwidth than the minimum that's included in the instance.

Network EdgeInstance – Additional IP Allocation

We can lease additional public IP address space for an additional fee.

Equinix Fabric Virtual Connections

Pricing is per standard Equinix Fabric rates and rules.

Confirm pricing either online or with your account representative. If you have an account or create one, you can build a sample device with desired settings and save it before you buy and print a summary of the proposed charges. The pricing model operates the same way as the Equinix Fabric pricing model, replacing a port with a Network Edge device. As a result, the A-End, or connection requestor pays for the connections, regardless of other factors including the destination, local or remote port, or other options.