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We have noticed that the power feed to our cage is L5-30. Can we use a L5-30 to L6-30 adapter to interface with the PDA that we plan to install in our co-location cage?

Thank you.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@NTC_JLNELSON  - Great question. I dug around in our documentation and IBX policies and didn't find anything specific to power adaptors. There was a section indicating that all equipment does need to be UL certified. I'll post the sections I thought to be relevant below. 

I also chatted with a few folks internally and they indicated that power adaptors should be fine assuming they are UL certified. However, there might be a better solution to this problem. 

If the adaptor is needed from the Equinix receptacle to the customer's cabinet PDU, the receptacle type should be changed by IBX operations to match the customer PDU cord. This can be requested via ECP.


Customer’s Equipment—General. Customer must configure, provide, place,
install, upgrade, add, maintain, repair and operate Customer’s Equipment in a safe
and lawful manner and in compliance with all applicable laws and manufacturer
specifications and requirements and industry standards, including but not limited
to, those relating to proper installation, power consumption and ventilation.
8. Power.
a. Customer must NOT:
1. Use UPS systems or 48v DC rectifiers that are not provided by
2. Use VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid) batteries or any other
form of rechargeable battery unless the batteries are a
manufacturer-installed integrated part of the equipment;
3. Use circuit splitters on any Equinix-provided power circuit;
4. Connect a power circuit to a cabinet other than the cabinet
specified by Equinix for such power circuit;
5. Connect power strips or other equipment into each other to form
a single long line of strips, i.e., daisy chain; or
6. Use equipment that does not comply with applicable safety
codes and product safety agency listings. Specifically, all
Customer’s Equipment must be UL-listed and comply with the
U.S. National Electrical Code (or equivalent thereof outside the
United States).
b. Power Circuit Usage. For each power circuit and Redundant Power
Circuit Pair (as defined below), Customer will not consume more than
the lesser of (i) the power rating for such power circuit stated in the
associated Order (80% of the rated capacity) or (ii) the rated capacity
pursuant to the applicable local codes. A “Redundant Power Circuit
Pair” is two identical power circuits installed in the same cabinet or rack
(neither of which are part of another pair of circuits in the same cabinet
or rack) that are fed from diverse power busses and are powering only
equipment with redundant power supplies capable of auto-failover.
Customer must ensure that the aggregate draw of the entire Redundant
Circuit Pair does not exceed the usage limit of a single circuit at any
time. If the draw of the entire Redundant Circuit Pair exceeds the usage
limit of a single circuit, then each power circuit will be considered a
single primary circuit, so additional charges will apply and the circuits
will not be covered by the Redundant Circuit Pair SLA, and Equinix may
reduce the Customer’s power draw accordingly.

 Hopefully this helps!



Thank you for your response.

Very helpful.

Happy Holidays!