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New lower speed tier on Equinix Fabric (10mbps)

New lower speed tier on Equinix Fabric (10mbps)

Community Manager
Community Manager

New lower speed tier on Equinix Fabric, ideal for digital banking and payment services
10Mbps connection speed available now

Equinix Fabric has a lower virtual connection speed option of 10 Mbps. This speed is available for all customers use cases, but is ideal for customer connectivity via Fabric for high volume, low bandwidth transactions such as digital banking and payment services. Customers can create 10 Mbps virtual connections to connect to themselves in a point-to-point or a multipoint-to-multipoint configuration. If interested in creating a 10 Mbps virtual connection to a Service Providers publicly available on Fabric, you should verify that the Service Provider supports the lower speed tier.

  • Availability: All Equinix Fabric locations, for local and remote connections, to any connection destinations (provided the Service Provider allows that speed tier) 
  • Ordering: Customers can order 10Mbps virtual connections online only. 

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