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NixOS support

NixOS support

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I note that NixOS was recently retired from the list of supported operating systems. What was the reason for dropping NixOS? I'm curious as to whether there are technical limitations that make the OS harder to support on the Metal platform.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Vaci - We are always evaluating which OS's to support and prioritize the ones that deliver the most value to our customer base.  We are interested in customer feedback and would love the opportunity to discuss your needs and uses for NixOS

If you are still interested in running NixOS, please use Custom iPXE.

Hope this helps!


Equinix Employee

@Vaci - we enable booting a lot of operating systems over Custom iPXE as @Jantzen notes, and there's a helpful front end to that system using . There's docs at that should line up with the NixOS docs at .