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JSON Syntax Error

JSON Syntax Error

Level 9

Hi everyone, I'm trying to create an Azure Express Route connection and when I try to send my POST request body:

    "primaryName": "TestName-PRI",
    "primaryPortUUID": "abcdefghijklmonopqrustuvwxyz",
    "primaryVlanSTag": 511,
    "profileUUID": "abcdefghijklmonopqrustuvwxyz",
    "authorizationKey": "abcdefghijklmonopqrustuvwxyz",
    "speed": 100,
    "speedUnit": "MB",
    "notifications": "abcdefghijklmonopqrustuvwxyz",
    "sellerRegion": "ADAD",
    "sellerMetroCode": "xx",
    "secondaryName": "TestName-SEC",
    "secondaryPortUUID": "abcdefghijklmonopqrustuvwxyz",
    "secondaryVlanSTag": 511,
    "namedTag": "Microsoft",
    "primaryZSideVlanCTag": "###",
    "secondaryZSideVlanCTag": "###"

Obviously I will not post content with real data from my company so I filled it in with dummy data.

I keep getting back the following error:

        "errorCode": "IC-LAYER2-401",
        "errorMessage": "Json syntax error,Please check request body",
        "moreInfo": "Please refer the contracts for correct fields",
        "property": ""

Am I missing something in the request body?

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Level 9
Hi did you get an answer to this? I'm getting the same error. Thx