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Issues with Work Visit API

Issues with Work Visit API

Level 9

Hi Mohit,
I have successfully accessed my sandbox and have been attempting to send some workvisit requests.
Needless to say I am experiencing a number of issues. Mostly I can get around these but there’s an odd one I am blocked with.
Maybe you can help me to work out what might be the issue ?

Received an error :

    "errors": [
            "code": "EQX-161-403",
            "message": "Insufficient permission to access the resource or invoke the request."
    "ticketId": "190801140754602"

I’m not sure what this error means but I definitely is preventing me from receiving any sensible responses.

Are you able to assist?

Best regards,

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Level 9
Hi Daren,

Our apologies for the issues you are facing with Equinix Work Visit APIs. I have reviewed your shared request packet for Work Visit API. Please find below my observations and recommendations:

Please ensure that the sandbox user has “IBX Access Services” permission. This permission is needed to place Work Visit Order. Brian should be able to help you here to grant this permission for your sandbox user.
Please use /v1/orders/workvisit/locations API to pull the list of IBXs (Equinix data Centers), Cages and Cabinets your sandbox user has access to. Here too I will recommend to take Brian’s help to assign some IBXs with “IBX Access Services” permission for your sandbox user.
In the Work Visit API request:

As part of “ibxLocation” array, please pass one of the IBX and corresponding cage/cabinets returned as by /locations API
As part of “contacts” array both “ORDERING” & “NOTIFICATIONS” contact type are required. TECHNICAL contact type is optional
As part of serviceDetails > schedule, the “startDateTime” and “endDateTime” should be future dates. The “endDateTime” cannot be more than 14 days from the provided “startDateTime”

Hope this helps. Please let us know if you are still facing issues.