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Generate Report Periodically

Generate Report Periodically

Level 9

If I want Install Base report to be updated periodically should I change one of these parameters?

  • "scheduleType": "ONE_TIME"
  • "period": "NONE"

We want it to be up to date at least monthly

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Level 9

Hi Bartosz,

Please pass field scheduleType as MONTHLY to schedule your report on monthly basis. If you scheduled the report today, the next month report will be generated 30 days from now.

The other possible values for scheduleType are [ ONE_TIME, DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, QUARTERLY, ANNUALLY ]

The field period means date range for which the report should be generated.

The possible values for period are [ 1_DAY, 7_DAYS, 14_DAYS, 30_DAYS, 90_DAYS, 180_DAYS, 1_YEAR, CUSTOM, NONE ]


Level 9
Hello Team,

Do we need to install any script on our server to retrieve the reports regularly or is the scripted installed on the EQUInix portal itself.
Also, is the API usage is chargeble if we use it just for retrieving the billing information.
Could you please help me with the Billing API call reference or documantation link that could be used.


Level 9
Hi Giridhar,
The reports can be scheduled using Reports_v1 API. Alternatively, you may navigate to Report Center in Equinix Customer Portal (ECP) to scheduled desired reports.
We also released a new version of Billing_v2 API where we return billing summary and details in json. It is available to Equinix customers at no additional charge