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Creation of serviceTokens

Creation of serviceTokens

Level 9

I see on Fabric portal a new feature named : «Service Tokens»
This seems to be the thing I need to give to my customer a better user experience.
I dont see API documentation about this new feature on :
Did i miss the documentation ?
Is it possible to list every token created ?
Is there a way the refresh the expiration of a token to give back 30 days when there are only few day left ?
On a connection, can i know which token was used to create it ? ( will it take the place of the authorizationKey ?)
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Level 9
Hi Louis! Thank you for your interest in Equinix Fabric service tokens. Answers to your questions below:
We are making a few updates to the service token APIs prior to launch and we expect to move these to the developer platform for our August release (13th). If you want more info prior, you can reach out to me at
We will provide service token inventory capabilities so you can view tokens in a patch release shortly after the August release, likely early Sept.a
There's not an ability to refresh a token when only a few days left, we do plan to have the ability to resend a token to the user from the inventory. I've noted your request to refresh the expiration date and will consider for a next release.
In the Fabric inventory, you can see all connections created wtih a service token and the token id. It may eventually take the place of authorization key but we haven't planned that at the moment.

Hope this helps!! Feel free to reach out if you have more questions.