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Key Workloads for ARM with Dave Neary, Ampere

Community Manager
Community Manager

Dave Neary, the Director of Developer Relations at Ampere, explains that Ampere is a CPU company that specializes in making cloud-native CPUs designed specifically for the needs of cloud computing. They focus on high core density, high memory bandwidth, and single-threaded cores to avoid noisy neighbor issues. They use the ARM architecture and have recently started designing their own cores. Dave also discusses the role of developer relations at Ampere, which involves creating incentives for customers to use their processors and providing support for software integrations. Dave mentions that Ampere has optimized versions of popular frameworks like PyTorch and ONNX for their platform and offers cost-efficient AI inference compared to GPUs. He also talks about Ampere's involvement in the CNCF space and their collaboration with Equinix on the Actuated product, which provides hosted GitHub runners for CNCF projects. Dave mentions that Ampere will be featured in keynotes at KubeCon. He concludes by mentioning the upcoming release of Ampere's next-generation processor, Ampere One.