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How to Access the Fortigate Firewall via the Webgui

Community Manager
Community Manager

In this video, we'll cover how to access a Fortigate Firewall via the Webgui. We'll start in the Device Details section of your provisioned firewall and walk through how to enable http permissions on the device. We'll open PuTTY to check the permissions on the port and cover what happens when we add the http and how to re-add ssh, ping, and fgfm permissions. We'll use the Console Tool in the Device Details page and utilize the temporary password provided by Equinix which will allow us to redo the permission statement for the port. We'll confirm that we've reestablished SSH access via PuTTY and then attempt to access the Webgui now that http has been enabled.

Head to the Fabric Portal to check out your device details: