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What is the new Zscaler offering on Equinix Network Edge?

What is the new Zscaler offering on Equinix Network Edge?

Equinix Employee

I've heard about the new Zscaler offering -- what is it?

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Equinix Employee

Integrating ZPA into the Equinix Network Edge Marketplace now provides customers with an advanced, cloud-based security offering, enhancing their network security while maintaining agility and scalability. Two virtual device options have been added from Zscaler: Private Service Edge (PSE) and the App Connector (APPC).   

Both devices enable the Zscaler ZPA service that supports localized brokering in the same customer environment where private applications are hosted, such as colocation. When branch users or home office users are looking to access an application that is running in a private cloud, the connection between the authorized user and the application is made via ZPA, which is the shortest path to connectivity.   

This integration enables customers to host the ZPA service locally in the same environment where their private applications are hosted. The joint solution improves application performance by reducing latency.