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Trouble updating Crossplane Claim status with Equinix Provider

Trouble updating Crossplane Claim status with Equinix Provider

Level 3

I’m having some trouble using the Equinix providers within a Claim and I’m not sure where the problem lies. The issue is that I am trying to take the ID uuid from the Device and update a field in my xrd claim, but the status never seems to get updated. This works fine with the AWS provider as an example.

In my example I want to grab the UUID of the device and populate the Claim XRD's field, but I do not see this population happening. I use the same technique with the upbound AWS provider so I know it is valid.

Within the composition.yaml:


- type: ToCompositeFieldPath
Has anyone else gotten this to work?
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Equinix Employee

I'll try this myself in the Equinix Crossplane provider's 0.6.1 release with the latest Crossplane and see where I end up.

In a now deprecated Equinix Metal specific provider, I built a conformance testing XRD:

This took advantage of cross-resource selectors and references, features that have semantically changed in newer cross-plane versions.


Level 3

Looks like the error may have been related to some typos in my composition/definition yaml files. The Crossplane linter could not catch these specific ones, but after refactoring both these files I do now see the xrd status fields being populated with the right info. Thanks Marques.

These crossplane providers are invaluable and I hope more development can occur so we can better integrate with Equinix.