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The GXI Report: Your Guide to the Future of the Digital Economy

The GXI Report: Your Guide to the Future of the Digital Economy

Equinix Employee

The annual Global Interconnection Index (GXI) is a crystal ball into the future of the digital economy, full of predictions and insights that redefine how we connect and thrive in a digital world.

📈 Bandwidth Growth: Watch as interconnection bandwidth skyrockets at a 34% five-year CAGR, hitting a mind-blowing 33,578 Tbps.

☁️ Multicloud Mastery: By 2025, 85% of global companies will have embraced multicloud strategies across numerous regions. It's the era of cloud without borders, enhancing flexibility and operational resilience.

🌐 Fortune 500's Digital Pivot: By 2025, 90% of Fortune 500 companies will transform into digital providers, both selling and consuming digital services. It's a shift from traditional business models to digital-first strategies.

🔄 Hardware Renaissance: The next few years will witness a doubling in hardware refresh rates, spurred by ever-improving price/performance ratios. By 2026, technology lifecycles will accelerate, keeping pace with innovation demands.

💡 Growth Through Composition: By 2026, 60% of digital growth will be propelled by composable business models, outshining mergers and acquisitions. It’s a paradigm shift towards more agile and adaptable growth strategies.

📊 Subscription Surge: A significant 80% of Enterprise digital infrastructure investment is expected to shift to subscription models by 2026. This marks a strategic move towards operational flexibility and financial predictability.

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