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Rearchitecting a Global Connected-Car Network

Rearchitecting a Global Connected-Car Network

Equinix Employee

A recent deployment by one of our partners, Travelping, demonstrates an interesting use case for solving a cellular carrier issue using edge infrastructure capabilities from Equinix.

The Problem?

The carrier’s network, while global, was not set up to remove some of the multi-access complexity which then impacted latency, or meet all the data localization requirements for connected vehicle regulations.

The Solution?

Travelping’s solution was to deploy the PDN Gateway functionality virtually in an Equinix data center in Korea using Equinix Metal, the bare metal cloud service that provides automated dedicated compute infrastructure on demand globally.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Loved the article! I'm eagerly awaiting the day I don't have to drive and can use that time for other activities. I had never really thought about data privacy and how that is going to play this big of an issue with self driving tech.