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"What Is" Series

"What Is" Series

Equinix Employee

@stevemar turned me onto Equinix's "What is?" series where each article explores a new technology or topic.

For example, you may know what iPXE is but did you know that Equinix actually boots up iPXE for every supported operating system of ours?

There's a lot to learn, so give these a read. I'll add some of them below:

What is an API

What is Colocation

What is iPXE

What is Kubernetes

What is NVMe

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for sharing @waribeiro ! It's been a pleasure to work on getting those out there.

If folks have an idea for a specific topic, let me know! 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Love these articles! I think we all hear these buzz words a lot and possibly don't know what they are or how they work. It's great to have someone break them down into simple terms for those that might be just getting started.