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Power API interval queries

Power API interval queries

Level 9


A few questions for API access and usage.

  1. Please can you give me the interval of query for your different levels (power/temperature/etc...). I want to configure a prob who will call your API every x minutes according to your granularity.
  2. What is the maximum query per second on the API? Did you have a limitation with token creation (quantity / over time / other)?
  3. Are there plans to have the possibility to stream data to an endpoint, I see specific endpoint like GCP/AWS/Azure but what if I want to have my own endpoint?

Thanks for your answers,

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Level 9

I add a reply for the API restriction.

It seems that there is some I have this error message:

2020-05-05 15:31:41,688:DEBUG:urllib3.connectionpool:437: "GET /power/v1/current?accountNo=XXX&ibx=PA3&levelType=IBX&levelValue=PA3 HTTP/1.1" 500 173
DEBUG58:: {'error_code': '500', 'error_message': 'QuotaViolation', 'error_uuid': ''}

I have configured my app to call the Equinix API every 10 minutes (2 times as I have PreProd + Prod) and I request 4 values + the assets URL.

Level 9

Hi Jerome, Here are the answers to your questions,

  1. Intervals. Our DCIM system collects power draw data from the power monitoring system at the edge every 15 minutes. We collect environmental data, such as temperature and humidity, every 60 minutes. For other data on the mechanical and electrical assets, the interval varies depending on the asset manufacturer limit.
  2. API limit. We currently limit the number of API calls from an application to 1000 per day. We do not have a limit on token creation but may implement such limitations in the future.
  3. Streaming API. We do plan to support an endpoint inside the Equinix cloud. Such a plan has yet to be placed on a timeline.

Regarding the error you got, you may hit the daily limit I mentioned above. Please check.