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New WorkVisit validation error

New WorkVisit validation error

Level 9

We have been using the API /catalog/workvisitv1 for a while now and we now have a new validation error that is causing a failure to use the API endpoint:

    "error": "Unable to create access request with Equinix. Status code = 400, error = {\"errors\":[{\"code\":\"EQX-161-6119\",\"fields\":[\"\\/attachments\"],\"message\":\"Justification form is mandatory for visiting the IBX : %s. Justification is available to download as part of work visit page in Equinix Customer Portal.\",\"messageParams\":[\"CH3\"]}],\"ticketId\":\"redacted\"}"

This appears to be a new validation error. I haven't seen anything regarding changes to the published API. Do you guys know if this is a bug or a new requirement?

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Level 9
Hi there,
I'm sorry you're facing this issue. If you're still having issues with workvisit APIs, kindly write to with your request payload and our team will investigate this at the soonest.
Apologies for the inconvenience caused.