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New User Setup Network Edge

New User Setup Network Edge

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Community Manager

How do I setup a new user in Network Edge?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Set Up New User

  1. Go to the Equinix Fabric Portal and click Request an Account.
  2. Create your user credentials and enter your basic profile information.
  3. Enter your information into the New User Creation fields.

    Note: The user name must be unique with at least eight characters, and should not be a repeated user name. The password should be unique, have at least eight characters, one special character, one alphabetical character, and a number.

  4. Check the Terms of Use checkbox (required).
  5. Check the data usage checkbox (required).
  6. Check the anonymized data analytics checkbox (recommended).
  7. Click Next.
  8. On the Security Settings page:
    • Enter your Service Desk PIN
    • Select three Security Questions and provide an answer for each
    • Click Register.
  9. Log in to the Equinix Fabric portal using your new credentials.

Note: You can't repeat a security question or answer.

You can provide other users access to your account by accessing the Administration section in Equinix Fabric Portal. For more information about managing Network Edge permissions, see Managing Network Edge Permissions.