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Multicloud Applications

Multicloud Applications

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What are some examples of applications that are commonly deployed across multiple cloud providers?  Is this generally done to improve resiliency for the application or are there other reasons (e.g., performance improvements) to use this design? 

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One specific example that I can think of is Form3, a payments company. They have a multi-cloud strategy in order to comply with data regulations between different geographies.

As for a common use-case, one would be to prevent vendor lock-in. And if they're using Equinix Fabric then some cloud providers don't even charge their customers for data egress or API fees between the two clouds, which is cool.

Equinix Employee

Many of the Equinix customers who deploy any application, whether in their own Equinix colocation in an Equinix Data Center aka IBX (International Business Exchange) and/or in the respective CSPs (AWS, Azure, OCI, GCP, etc) leverage Platform Equinix and Equinix Fabric to ensure low latency and predictable performance when designing both a multi and hybrid multi-cloud architecture.  The value here is the ability to place those latency-sensitive applications and workloads in close proximity to where their resources are... 
Customers that connect to the CSPs for multi-cloud are also deploying Network Edge VNFs to mitigate any hair pinning of an application back to their colo and/or their own Data Center/s.  This approach allows our customers to migrate such workflows away from the Public Internet and on to the private Equinix Fabric. 

Potential cost savings specific to "Egress" fees from the CSPs are a driver as well...