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Meet the Equinix Accelerate GSA’s

Meet the Equinix Accelerate GSA’s

Equinix Employee

When it comes to Global Solutions Architects (GSAs), we’ve got experts upon experts to help you plan your IT infrastructure and maximize your return. But who are they? At the upcoming Equinix Accelerate Conference later this month, you’ll have a chance to Ask the GSAs about Multi-Cloud networking, SD-WAN and Networking for a Cloud Adjacent Data. Start thinking about what questions you’ll want to ask our experts and, in the meantime, we want you to hear from them here first!  


We’ve invited the GSAs speaking at Equinix Accelerate to introduce themselves below…let’s begin!  

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Equinix Employee

Howdy, Eric Zehnder here! I live in Michigan and cover all of Michigan and Western Pennsylvania. I'll be helping out during Accelerate with Cloud Adjacent Data so feel free to reach out with any questions!

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Gidday, I'm Simon Lockington, based in Hong Kong leading the Solution Architect team in APAC.  I'll be hosting the APAC session of Accelerate, looking forward to seeing everyone there.

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Goedendag! From the Netherlands I will be hosting an EMEA session and a 'ask the GSA' table of Accelerate. Looking forward to meet you all and to the topics/questions of your interest. Cusoon !


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Je suis Hervé LIN, Global Solutions Architect pour Equinix France depuis 2018 et je serai présent lors de la session "Equinix Accelerate" le 26 octobre 2022 à 16h30 intitulée "Networking for Cloud-Adjacent Data".

L'échange de données en mode "Side Car" avec les différents Cloud Service Providers, Managed It Service Providers et les solutions "Saas" est un sujet d'actualité sur lequel je serai ravi de partager vos reflexions et questionnements.

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Buongiorno! Hello, I’m Marco , Global Principal Solution Architect , based in the beautiful Italy, Milan. I will facilitate the EMEA Accelerate sessions too. Ping me for any EMEA , and Italy too questions .

Equinix Employee

Hi there - hailing from Atlanta, GA, my name is Michael Betanzos, Equinix GSA covering the NSP vertical. I will be available during the Ask a GSA session after the Cloud Adjacent Data presentations. I look forward to answering any questions and engaging in digital transformation discussions - see you then...


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Hi, I'm Ted, based out of NY/NJ in the US.  I'll be presenting the topic, "Rethinking Your Network Architecture for Cloud Deployments".  Feel free to ask questions.  Looking forward to it!

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hi! I'm Andy from London, UK. Like Ted, my counterpart in US, I'll also be presenting the topic "Rethinking Your Network Architecture for Cloud Deployments" for the EMEA session.

Hope to see you there!

Equinix Employee

I'm Phil from Perth, Western Australia. Like Ted & Andy, my counterparts in US/UK, I'll also be presenting the topic "Rethinking Your Network Architecture for Cloud Deployments" for the APAC session.

Looking forward to seeing you at the session.

Senior Global Solutions Architect