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Looking for solutions on Platform Equinix? Try the new Solutions Catalog

Looking for solutions on Platform Equinix? Try the new Solutions Catalog

Equinix Employee

Which products need to be combined to solve your infrastructure needs? How do these products work together? Are there best practices? What have other customers done?

We heard you loud and clear – you need a way to find the right solutions.

Check out the newly launched Solutions Catalog!

As this is an evolving catalog, with us adding more resources over time, we need your help: We are looking for beta testers to share their thoughts, feedback (good and bad) with us!

  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Did you find what you were looking for?
  • Is there information missing?
  • What is working?
  • When would you use it?

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What’s Solutions Catalog?

Solutions Catalog is more a reference library than anything else and we are positive that it can help you find the right solution. You can go by technology category, discover how other customers have solved business requirements through infrastructure and browse by business motivation to see which solutions help you to address these.





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Equinix Employee

Looking for case studies how other customers solved their infrastructure needs?

Please note that we have added Customer Inspired Case Studies to Solutions Catalog. These are based on real customer implementations and show how you can solve business challenges by integrating the right infrastructure solution into you existing IT environment.

For example, a fictitious European Gaming Company wanted to scale globally, while maintaining reliability and good user experience.

Their business drivers were centered around availability while also building flexible infrastructure to support new regional markets.

You can find them here under "Recommended Resources":


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