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Level 9

First time playing with the APIs.

Trying to create a 50MB AWS DirectConnect from my existing ECX ports in London. I know I have the correct parameters in place (or so I think) as I have copied them from a connection that I have manually done via the ECX portal.
But when using the API, I get this following error:

    "errorCode": "IC-LAYER2-500",
    "errorMessage": "System is unable to process the request at this time due to some internal error.",
    "moreInfo": " Please contact for more info",
    "property": ""

And there is nothing in the KB to refer to IC-LAYER2-500 to give me a clue. Now a error 500 seems to be a fault at the ECX API side, however, as this is my first attempt at using the API, unsure if I am doing something wrong!

Anyone any ideas??

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Level 9
Hello there, could you please check if you are passing the correct content-type header. The value should be "content-type: application/json" . For further info refer "connect to AWS" under Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric APIs documentaion in Knowledge center or go to the link - Equinix Developer Community