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I want to learn to use Equinix APIs where do i start?

I want to learn to use Equinix APIs where do i start?

Level 9

I am not a developer but I am very familiar with Equinix portals (ECX and ECP) and now I'd like to try out your APIs before recommending to my development team to proceed with the integration. Where do I start, any advice?

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Level 9
Hello there,
Our APIs are userfriendly and our comprehensive documentation has been designed to help anyone explore and test our APIs.
For starters, please download and install an API client such as Postman to test the APIs.
Refer to for details on how to install Postman.
Once you've successfully installed Postman, checkout our "How to use Equinix APIs in Sandbox ennvironment" video and try out the postman scripts shown in the video.
Once you're familiar with the above, you can explore more usecases and scenarios, and try out the different postman scripts shown in our video page.
Happy testing!!!
- Equinix Developer Community