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Have YOUR say in the redesign of the Fabric Navigation in Equinix Portal

Have YOUR say in the redesign of the Fabric Navigation in Equinix Portal

Equinix Employee

We have an exclusive opportunity where we are redesigning the Fabric experience within the Equinix Portal to make the navigation menu easier and more intuitive.

Your feedback will have a direct impact to this redesign, ensuring a seamless, intuitive user experience within Fabric portal.

Interested in taking part in this 5-minute survey activity? Fill out survey below or click here to submit your feedback!

Once you complete the activity, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up today for the Equinix Customer Insights Panel. Influence new ideas, processes, product releases, capabilities, and more through engaging research activities like this one!

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Equinix Employee

Great initiative!

Equinix Employee

Hi, I’m Nicole, a UX Researcher supporting Fabric and Equinix Internet Access. My role at Equinix is to ensure that your voice is being heard to so that your experience with our products is easy and seamless. I’m leading this initiative- please click this link to participate in the 5-minute survey. Your responses will be used to re-design the Fabric navigation menu to make it easier to complete your tasks within Fabric! Thanks!