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Have you tried Smart Hands Video Conferencing?

Have you tried Smart Hands Video Conferencing?

Equinix Employee

Here's your chance to interact with Equinix technicians through video conferencing in real-time, as they work on your order request in your private cage or non-colo area. 

In your Order Entry form, simply enable "Request a video conference" to get started. Share a comment below if you've tried this feature ⬇️

Learn more about it on 

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Level 4

We recently had an Equinix Connect Turn up call completed on Zoom, and whilst we didn't use video (we had no need to), it was very useful to have multiple people on the call.  We also had someone who was training at Equinix on the call, so they could experience the process first hand.

I was completing the install in one of Equinix's Miami IBXs - and we're based in the UK.  Using Zoom meant we also avoided the hassle of international phone calls - I just joined the meeting from my mobile on 4G/5G (data roaming).

I can see how using video if we ever use Smart Hands in the future would be extremely useful - even more so for us as we're ~4500 miles away!

Community Manager
Community Manager

We're glad to hear you had a great experience! We're hoping the ability to add video will be a welcome addition for those more complex calls. 😀