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Equinix Fabric 2022.4 Release | August 8

Equinix Fabric 2022.4 Release | August 8

Equinix Employee

Equinix Fabric 2022.4 is available August 8, 2022. This release includes the new Solution Builder feature, unlimited local connections for remote and remote metro ports, and your patch panel details available in the Ports Inventory.


Solution Builder

Design your Interconnection solution with the Solution Builder. Drag and drop your Equinix Fabric and Network Edge connections into a solution diagram, then generate and download a cost estimate for your end-to-end solution. In the current phase of this feature, you can select a single network virtual device, a single port, and a single connection to a service provider. See Solution Builder for more information.


Unlimited Local Connections for Remote or Metro Remote Ports

You can now order remote or metro remote ports with unlimited local connections.


Customer Patch Panel Details

Your patch panel information is now available when viewing the Physical Port Details. In addition to seeing the Equinix Patch Panel number and ports, you will also see your patch panel number and ports. Go to your Port Inventory to view port details.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

The solution builder is a neat new tool. It seems like it will be very helpful when planning out deployments.