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Equinix Fabric 2022.3 Release | June 13

Equinix Fabric 2022.3 Release | June 13

Equinix Employee

Equinix Fabric 2022.3 release in June includes the Quick Connect to GCP feature, A-Side tokens for your customers to connect to their own assets, and the inclusion of Cable IDs when selecting a port and when searching your port inventory.

Quick Connect to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
You can now obtain a GCP pairing key and create a connection all from within the Fabric portal. Create an L2 connection in Equinix Fabric without logging in to the GCP portal to create the Google service key.

A-Side Service Tokens for Connecting to Self
As an Equinix Fabric partner, you can now offer your customers service tokens to connect from your service to their own assets over Fabric.

Cable ID
The unique Cable ID is visible now when searching Port Inventory or selecting a Fabric port when creating a connection.

Learn more about Equinix Fabric on Docs and Readiness!

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