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Equinix Community: 1,000 members and counting!

Equinix Community: 1,000 members and counting!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Join us as we cheer on our first 1,000 Equinix Community members who have joined us from around the world. Thank you for being part of this journey! Today, we’re recognizing our 1,000th member, @yongkimleng as one of our community featured members.

Equinix Community: 1,000 members and counting!Equinix Community: 1,000 members and counting!

If you’re new here, welcome! Don’t forget login using your ECP credentials and Introduce yourself here. If it’s been a while since you’ve been back, be sure to check out the new Equinix Community as it has a completely new look and feel!

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Seven months ago, we began inviting beta customers into Community. We’ve enjoyed every discussion, topic, and feedback along the way. The Equinix Community is constantly evolving, and we want to hear from you on how to make this Community even better in the future. So, what’s coming up?

  • Profile Page improvements and enhancements
  • Gamification (new rankings and badges)
  • Personalized Experiences
  • Rewards & Recognition
  • And more!


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Congrats team!