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Did you know about the Metal CLI command 'eval $(metal env)' ?

Did you know about the Metal CLI command 'eval $(metal env)' ?

Equinix Employee

Hide that $METAL_AUTH_TOKEN environment variable!

Using the Metal CLI, if you shell metal env then it returns the environment variables back to you in plain text. Normally that's fine, but what if you're recording a video or giving an expo presentation? How would you submit your auth tokens in the background so that Terraform could see it, but your viewers couldn't?

eval $(metal env)

With this command, your API token can stay hidden. Normally, you would put the API Key in the terraform.tfvars. But always remember - don't check your API Key into your Github repo!

This is such useful command. Here's a video @ 41:09 that shows it in action, hosted by @cprivitere and @ocobles and @stevemar 

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