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Connect to a different customer in Equinix in another DC

Connect to a different customer in Equinix in another DC

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Can we use Equinix fabric and connect between 2 different Equinix  DCs between our DC in one Equinix DC and Customer DC in another Equinix DC. Also please clarify how to work on this request

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Equinix Employee


Yes, if you are connected to Fabric, and your customer is also connected to Fabric, then the easiest way would be to use a Service Token to establish a Virtual Connection between your respective Fabric ports.

You can generate a Service Token, and send it to your customer so they can redeem it on their Fabric portal.

Depending on which side should be charged for this VC, you will generate either an A-side or Z-side Service Token.


Equinix Employee

Hi Dinesh, 

Also, know when leveraging the Equinix Fabric to create DCI via the Fabric Virtual Connections... the Jumbo Frame- MTU is 9100.  The mitigates any concern of any fragmentation that can happen when Jumbo Frames are not supported.