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Blog | Precise Time Synchronization in Distributed Cloud Environments

Blog | Precise Time Synchronization in Distributed Cloud Environments

Community Manager
Community Manager


Here are some of my take ways from the latest blog.

  • Transactions that used to take a few seconds now happen in the millisecond and microsecond range—and before too long, applications and systems will need to operate in the realm of nanoseconds.
  • Precise time synchronization for IT systems keeps getting more important.
  • Distribution of servers, storage systems, networking, and private and public clouds creates significant challenges around synchronizing system clocks.
  • Equinix Precision Time provides timing services over Equinix Fabric, so if you already own a port on the Equinix Fabric network, you can connect easily to Equinix Precision Time services.
  • The world of time synchronization is evolving quickly as applications get faster and faster. Technological advancements around smart grids, 5G and 6G networks and IoT devices like autonomous vehicles underscore the importance of more precise, secure time synchronization.

You can find the full article here

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