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Are there any Humans on the Portal ?

Are there any Humans on the Portal ?

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How do you find your Account Manager on the Portal?

Whats the procedure for moving a cross connect from one of our racks to the other?

I know how I would do it. I don't want to set a date for it as thats what the portal wants me to do and I am not ready for that yet. 

Answers on a post card please or a phone call if possible.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @JY welcome to the Community! You've found the right spot - we've got highly caffeinated humans here to help!

  1. In the portal, click the top right support question mark icon. This will open the right-side navigation where you’ll see “My Equinix Contacts” in the list. The Equinix Contact list will provide you with the details for your Equinix account team.
    Additionally, here’s the direct link to view the Equinix Contact page.
  2. The Equinix product documentation is your go-to resource for all cross connect information. You’ll find documentation, video resources and use cases to help guide you. There are some details about scheduling options by the date that you specify. You can find more details here.

Be sure to bookmark the Equinix Welcome Guide, a great resource for self-service options! 

Equinix Product Manager

Hi Shannon and JY!  Here is a link found on the site for migrating cross connects:


I hope this helps!