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API v4, Microsoft Azure using connections vs. connections/bulk

API v4, Microsoft Azure using connections vs. connections/bulk

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Hello Equinix,
I have a question regarding the creation of a new, redundant connection to Azure with API v4.
From "Guide to v3-to-v4 APIs Migration" I see that I should use the connections/bulk endpoint.
In the Knowledge Center for "Connect to Microsoft Azure" the simple connection endpoint is shown.
Are both valid? Specifically, can I use 2 calls to the connection endpoint to built a redundant connection to Azure?
In the API Reference I didn't find any reference for creating connections using the bulk endpoint.
That's what got me confused (among other things).
Thanks for your help

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Level 9
Yes, We can make 2 calls to POST- Create connection V4 API.
First, to create primary connections, the response of this call will have the below redundancy group ID.
"redundancy": { "group": "a00cef6f-8e35-4794-9ff9-665e084e4e6d" }
Second to create a Secondary connection, while creating this one, use the redundancy group ID that is received from the first connection response.