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Community Badges & Ranks

Welcome to the Equinix Community! We use badges and ranks to encourage participation and recognize member contributions. As you progress through the various levels of participation, you will receive a new rank and/or badge.

What are Badges?

You can find badges featured on your profile. They are awarded based on a set of participation criteria that can be found by hovering over the badges when you open your badge list page. Stay tuned for announcements on how to earn new and one-of-a-kind badges.

What are ranks?

Ranks are awarded based on your all-time participation, including starting new discussions, and adding comments or giving kudos. When you earn a new rank, it is displayed next to your posts, on your profile and other places where your name appears. The more you participate, the higher you will rise in the ranks.

How do I share feedback on badges & ranks?

It’s easy. Share your feedback in the Badges & Ranks discussion thread in Get Started.

Badge List

Name Badge How to Get it



Welcome – Just for logging into Community you'll earn the login badge.

Topic Starter


Way to start topics and get the conversation going! This badge showcases every time a topic is created.



You've responded to a topic, answered a question or helped someone in a discussion.



Thanks for helping out. You've provided a solution to another community member.

Kudos Given


You are making the community a better space if you've earned this badge. This is for sharing kudos with other members.

Kudos Received


The community appreciates you. You've earned this badge by receiving kudos from other members.

Beta Tester


This badge is given to the select group who helped us Beta Test the Community.

Beta Test Challenge


You “BETA” believe this person completed the Beta Test Challenge!