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20 Min Tech Talk | 5G—Driving the Evolution of Interconnection | May 26th 2022

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Community, 

I just wanted to make sure no one missed this upcoming tech talk! Check out our events page for full details and registration link



Meet the challenges of 5G by taking key steps with the right location and interconnection

In this short Tech Talk, we'll review how your organization can reap the benefits of 5G as it evolves—through incremental, proven steps.

Through our experts, you'll learn how to solve the common challenges associated with 5G and the ways that Equinix has invested in key physical and interconnection assets for its value chain stakeholders to build on, as well as: 

  • What 5G means now and its impact on application traffic flows and devices
  • How network service providers are preparing for 5G vs. enterprises
  • The benefits of deploying a network performance hub at Equinix
  • Interconnecting core and hybrid multi-cloud networks to foster innovation


  • William Lloyd, Corporate Development Director, 5G/Evolving Edge, Equinix
  • Rodney Elder, Global Principal of Solution Architecture, Equinix
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