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Open source vs Inner Source for AI with Mark Sturdevant, IBM

Community Manager
Community Manager

In this video, Steve Martinelli interviews Mark Sturdevant, a software developer at IBM Research. Mark discusses his role in open tech and his focus on open source for the past 10 years. He explains that his day-to-day work involves helping teams within IBM transition from inter-sourcing to open-sourcing projects. Mark also shares his experience in the open-source community and offers advice for staying hands-on in software development for 30 years. He discusses the common pitfalls in transitioning from inner-sourcing to open-sourcing and highlights the importance of community building and documentation.

Mark also discusses his current work in AI and open source, particularly in the field of generative AI and large language models. He emphasizes the significance of networking and face-to-face interactions at conferences like KubeCon Paris. Mark concludes by mentioning some of the open-source projects he has contributed to and encourages attendees to engage with others and not be shy.