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Kubernetes and Storage with Eric Han, NetApp

Community Manager
Community Manager

Chris from Equinix interviews Eric Han from NetApp at KubeCon 2024 in Paris, where Eric discusses NetApp’s collaboration with public cloud providers and their Kubernetes storage solution, Astra. Astra, including Astra Trident, facilitates storage provisioning within Kubernetes. Eric also introduces Astra Data Management, enabling application cloning and snapshot restoration using custom resources in Kubernetes. They delve into managing data with Kubernetes tools like kubectl and the challenges of connecting physical storage to PVCs. Eric emphasizes the significance of data management in Kubernetes, such as cloning and migrating applications across cloud environments. They briefly touch on AI's role in NetApp’s cloud strategy and using custom resources for AI applications.

The interview closes with insights on AI's presence and applications in Kubernetes at the conference, alongside NetApp’s showcased solutions and optimization offerings at their booth. Attendees are advised on community engagement for a fruitful conference experience.