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Connecting Fabric Cloud Router to Google Cloud Platform

Community Manager
Community Manager

In this video, we'll show you how to connect a Fabric Cloud Router to the Google Cloud Platform. We begin with creating a connection from a Fabric Cloud Router to Google Cloud Platform using our Quick Connect feature. After the connection is submitted, we'll configure BGP in Google Cloud. We'll add the Peer ASNs for both connections and take the IP addresses provided by Google. Then we return to the Equinix portal to configure BGP on the Fabric Cloud Router. We use the Peer IP addresses obtained from GCP and apply these changes to the primary and secondary connections. Then we'll confirm that the routes are active. We'll head to the Cloud Router Inventory and view the Active Routes. Finally, we view the Route Tables on both the AWS and Azure sides of this connection to confirm that we have interconnectivity between three cloud environments using Fabric Cloud Router.

Create connections using Fabric Cloud Router in the Fabric portal: