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Authorization Tech with Jimmy Zelinskie, AuthZed

Community Manager
Community Manager

In this video, Chris Privitere from Equinix interviews Jimmy Zelinsky, CPO at AuthZed. AuthZed is the company behind SpiceDB, an open-source graph database optimized for authorization. Jimmy explains that authentication and authorization are the two main steps in accessing an application. Authentication verifies the identity of the user, while authorization checks if the user has the necessary access to perform certain actions. SpiceDB uses relationships between objects to model authorization, allowing users to define access based on relationships. Jimmy mentions that Google implemented similar concepts for Google Plus using a system called Zanzibar. AuthZed implemented SpiceDB based on the concepts from Google's Zanzibar, providing the same capabilities to other companies. They also recently launched a Kubernetes API proxy which allows users to secure the Kubernetes API with SpiceDB. Additionally, AuthZed offers a product called Materialize, which provides a materialized view of the graph and streams changes to other components in real-time. Jimmy suggests visiting the AuthZed website, blog, and Discord community for more information on their products.