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Is Fabric Cloud Router a managed service?

Is Fabric Cloud Router a managed service?

Equinix Employee

I'm curious, is Fabric Cloud Router a managed service?

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Equinix Product Manager

Fabric Cloud Router (FCR) is in many ways a managed service, and is similar to what you might expect with modern SaaS products from cloud providers. However, it is not a fully-managed service. FCR is an API driven service with a web-based GUI through our Fabric Portal that provides a guided experience, as well as access to our public APIs in the Equinix Developer Portal for advanced users looking to utilize automation.

Here are some examples of what you can expect Equinix to manage as well as some examples of what you as a customer would be responsible for configuring:

Equinix Manages:

  • All hardware and software related to the Fabric Cloud Router service, including maintenance and monitoring of these components and associated events/notifications
  • Availability of the Fabric Cloud Router service; FCR and underlying components are designed to provide a highly-available service natively - Note: Equinix recommends using Redundant Virtual Connections for High-Availability connectivity to all connections peered with FCR.
  • Configuration of underlying software and hardware required as a result of user configuration/action in the Fabric Portal or with API

Customer Manages:

  • Create/Update/Delete of Fabric Cloud Router and any Connections through the Fabric Portal or API
    • Examples include providing values parameters that may be required such as FCR Name, Package/Tier, Metro, Speed/Bandwidth, IPv4/IPv6 Addresses for Interfaces and BGP, and any other required values.
  • Administration of Projects and IAM Permissions (RBAC) for users
  • Any specific scripts or automation such as Terraform that are used by the customer; Equinix may provide Terraform templates only