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Azure ExpressRoute VLAN Configuration

Azure ExpressRoute VLAN Configuration

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It has been some time since I built an ExpressRoute within the Equinix Fabric.  Our topology is using Fabric Ports (not Virtual Devices). We have a primary and secondary port.  We have built the ExpressRoute in Azure as well as the ExpressRoute VC in Equinix but are having trouble getting end-to-end connectivity.  In the overview page of the ExpressRoute connection in the Equinix Fabric, there is an Origin VLAN and Destination VLAN.  The Origin VLAN tags are different (Primary is 4025 and Secondary is 4026) but the Destination VLAN tag is the same (37 in this case).  Where do we configure those?  In the ExpressRoute Private Peering in Azure, we can only enter a single VLAN tag.  Do we configure 4025/4026 on our routers and 37 in Azure, visa versa, or do we configure the same on both?  

The KB articles and videos do not cover this.

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Configure 37 on your Azure ER portal as C-VLAN.

And configure 4025/4026 respectively on your on-premise devices which are S-VLAN.

With other correspondent configs, you should see BGP Peering Established between your device and Azure.