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Smart Hands 2022.6

Community Manager
Community Manager

Smart Hands 2022.6

Equinix Smart Hands 2022.6 is available December 12, 2022. This release includes the following changes to the Smart Hands interface.

Order a Support Plan Online

For direct users, Smart Hands Support Plans can now be ordered online. When ordering, you can choose Prepaid Smart Hands Hours or a Monthly Smart Hands Support Plan With Rollover. For more details and instructions, see Support Plans. Note: Online ordering of support plans is not yet available for reseller accounts, or for users in Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Turkey, India, Korea, China, Belgium, Indonesia, South Africa, Chile, or Peru.

Enhanced ‘Activity Timeline’ Details

The Activity Timeline now provides additional updates about your Smart Hands orders: For scheduled requests – Once the scheduling of the work is accepted by Equinix, the scheduled start date and time are now shown in the timeline. For orders with the video conference option enabled – Once the scheduling of the Zoom meeting has been accepted by Equinix, the meeting date and time are now shown in the timeline. For inbound shipments containing multiple packages – As your packages arrive at the IBX, the timeline is updated to show the number of packages received so far (green=received, red=not received). Once all parts of the shipment have been received, the colored indicator is solid green.

Time Zone Indicator on ‘Orders and Tickets History’

On the Orders and Tickets History screen, a new globe icon () in the Estimated Completion column indicates that the estimated completion dates/times are displayed in your preferred time zone (not the IBX local time zone). Note: If you want to change your preferred time zone in ECP, select My Profile (under your username in the top right corner). Select an option from the Time Zone drop-down list and click Submit.

New Tooltip for Install/Move/Replace Equipment

On the order forms for Install Equipment and Move/Replace Equipment, there’s a new tooltip beside the option for I have an inbound shipment ticket. It explains that if you’ve just finished submitting the Inbound Shipment ticket, it might take up to 30 minutes to be available for selection.

New Option on ‘Cable Connectivity Check’ Form

On the Cable Connectivity Check form, when selecting an asset, there’s a new option for Proceed with the cable removal if live traffic is detected. If you select it, you acknowledge that Equinix is not responsible for any service outages resulting from the cable removal.

Optional ‘Scope of Work’

For Smart Hands order forms that allow you to upload a template or use a Guided Form (such as the order forms for Install Equipment and Install Cables), the Scope of Work details field is now marked as “Optional”. As long as you’ve included all the necessary details in the guided form or the uploaded template, you don't need to include them again in the Scope of Work section.

Date Field Clarification for Inbound Shipments

For clarification of the Inbound Shipment form, the Date field has been renamed Approximate Arrival Date. Enter the date you expect the shipment to be delivered to the IBX (not the date it was shipped).