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OpenShift on Baremetal v0.5.0

Equinix Product Manager

A Terraform module that quickly installs OpenShift for use on Equinix Metal.  

First off, v0.4.0 aligned with the support of metros and deprecated the use of facilities; see the announcement here. The default location was changed from SJC1 to DA, the default size is c3.small vs the previous c2.medium, and Terraform version 1 or higher is required. Underlying this is also a switch from our Metal specific Terraform provider to the full Equinix Terraform provider (v.1.14.1). This allows more configurability for node plans and better default node plans. Newer versions of OpenShift are used. This also includes several outstanding bug and CI fixes that were preventing the project from successfully functioning. It is recommended to rebuild any existing deployments. Migration should be possible by converting the state files as described in the Migrating from equinix/metal to equinix/equinix. 

v0.5.0 does all the above but includes minor update to the install instructions and provides us with module_name visibility that we use to gauge usage as an indicator of audience value.