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New NE and Fabric features available in Terraform and Pulumi

Equinix Product Manager

Equinix providers for Terraform and Pulumi benefit from several updates to infrastructure products Network Edge and Fabric

Specify NE project ID via IAC Providers 

While using said IaC providers to create Network Edge resources (Device, DLG, ACL, SSH Public key), the optional field "project ID" can be specified to prevent use of the default project and ensure correct billing.

Add a Single, Diverse NE Device via IAC Providers  

Previously, it was difficult to simply add a diverse device in a high availability architecture unless users destroyed the current device and chose a dual deployment option. The optional field fixes this by automatically selecting the redundant control plane option for rack and network diversity when adding a single device. 

Upgrade Number of Device Cores via IAC Providers 

A "core" field has been added to the Update Virtual Device API which allows users to resize the VM for device core upgrade via a PATCH request. A new status "RESOURCE_UPGRADE_IN_PROGRESS" will be shown for the 30 – 90 minutes it takes to fulfill the core resize. The related portal information for the same process is here

Create a Multipoint Network 

Two new resources,  and  allow for a new network type that helps deploy a simplified local mesh within a metro. See more on the Fabric feature itself here