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Network Edge 2022.5 Release

Equinix Employee

Network Edge 2022.5 is available October 10, 2022. This release of Network Edge includes changes to Fortinet and Juniper device deployment options, the addition of the new Device Link Inventory, and more enhancements to the Solution Builder.


Fortinet and Juniper Devices

Network Edge no longer offers the Equinix-configured device deployment option for new Fortinet or Juniper devices. All new Fortinet and Juniper devices must be self-configured. Devices deployed prior to 2022.5 are not impacted by this change.


Device Link Inventory

Easily find your Device Link Groups in the new Device Link Inventory. Go to the Network Edge menu and select Device Link Inventory to view existing device link groups and create new ones.


Solution Builder Enhancements

Solution Builder now has an auto-save function to automatically save your components and designs after you have configured all the options. Design solutions also automatically save when you navigate away from the Solution Builder to other functions.


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