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metal-go v0.15.0

Equinix Employee

A number of features and improvements have landed in metal-go since the v0.9.0 release last month.

As of the latest release, v0.15.0, metal-go has gained support for:

  • tags on projects, SSH keys, and virtual networks
  • specifying storage configuration when creating a new device
  • logging Sunset & Deprecation headers for backwards compatibility with packngo (especially important in light of the upcoming deprecation of facilities)
  • filtering projects by name when loading all projects for a user or organization using the name query parameter
  • searching devices by hostname, description, short_id, reservation short_id, tags, plan name, plan slug, facility code, facility name, operating system name, operating system slug, or IP addresses using the search query parameter

For a full list of the changes that have landed in metal-go since v0.9.0, check out the the metal-go releases page on GitHub.