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IBX SmartView 2022.5 Release

Equinix Employee

IBX SmartView 2022.5 is available as of October 10, 2022. This release includes enhancements to the Cabinet-Level Power Draw Report.


New Columns on the Cabinet-Level Power Draw Report

When you run the Power Draw report for a cabinet, two additional columns are included:

Usable kVA Installed (column F)

This new column shows the maximum kVA (kilo-volt-amperes) provisioned for the cabinet. It is an aggregated total of the usable kVA for all the primary circuits installed in the cabinet.


Total Draw-to-Usable kVA Installed % (column K)

This column indicates how much of your Usable kVA is being used. It is calculated as:

Total Draw kVA (column I) ÷ Usable kVA Installed (column F) * 100

Example: If your Usable kVA Installed is 40 kVA, and your Total Draw is 10 kVA, you are using 25% of your usable kVA.


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